About us

Mythical Stones is the enterprise of Dr. Hendrik Gommer: a biologist, religious scholar, and a Ph.D. in law. He is a researcher of the evolutionary biological backgrounds of human cultural and moral development (see A Biological Theory of Law). Together with his wife Elsa Visser, he travels to dolmens and other megaliths across Europe. His findings are documented in the travel guide series called Mythical Stones. In 2020, he built his own dolmen, occasionally delivering lectures. His YouTube channel features dozens of videos showcasing dolmens in Europe.

'Every crisis is an opportunity,' and thus arose a unique series about dolmens in Europe after a tumultuous departure from the university (see On the Academy). At the end of 2023, his 'Magnum Opus' titled 'Megaliths: The Origin of Megalithic Cultures in Europe' was published. With a nod to Darwin, he explains how megalithic structures and their builders spread across Europe like bacteria. In 2024, he constructed the Rolling Stones II, a truck camper equipped with 2700 Wp of solar panels.

Mythical Stones works closely with the Hunebedcentrum in Borger.

(Photo: Davado, home photographer Hunebedcentrum)