Frequently Asked Questions

I only see the books of Mythical Stones at the Hunebedcentrum, on Bol.com, and on this website. Why is it not available in all bookstores?

To have a book available in all bookstores, a publisher needs to be affiliated with the Central Book House (Centraal Boekhuis). The distribution costs of the CB and the bookstore discounts are quite high, making it not feasible to distribute books of this quality through the CB. The price of the books would become too high as a result.

But isn't it possible to distribute other books through bookstores?

This is a niche market. There are not many people familiar with dolmens abroad or willing to visit them. Therefore, the various volumes are printed in limited editions of only a few hundred copies. Only with print runs of several thousand copies do the printing costs significantly decrease.

Should I buy from Bol.com or directly from Mythical Stones?

It doesn't make much difference. The books are mostly shipped from the same location. Some books are in stock at Bol.com and are shipped from there. The advantage of purchasing at the Hunebedcentrum is that you can examine the books thoroughly before buying. However, customer satisfaction is high. Of the thousands of books sold, only one has been returned.

Can I use the photos from the Mythische Stenen series for my own productions?

Yes, you can, under the condition of attributing the photographer's name and mentioning the book from which they were taken. Most photos from Mythische Stenen fall under the CC-license. The same applies to photos on this website.

What is the difference between the book Megalieten and the series Mythische Stenen?

In Megalieten, the journey of the first farmers across Europe is followed. Many connections between cultures from the late Stone Age are established, while the knowledge of various fields is used to gain insight into the lives of these late Stone Age people. Mythische Stenen, on the other hand, is more of a travel guide. It describes almost all the important monuments in a specific area, including route directions. Moreover, many travel stories are included. You could also see Mythische Stenen as The Making of 'Megalieten'.