About us

Mythical Stones is an enterprise of Dr. Hendrik Gommer: biologist, philosopher of religions and PhD lawyer. Researcher of evolutionary biological backgrounds of human cultural and moral development. Together with his wife Elsa Visser he travels along the dolmens and other megaliths in Europe. He describes his findings in the travel guide series Mythical Stones. In this way, the impressive Stone Age monuments are made accessible to the wider public, but his interdisciplinary research also regularly yields surprising insights.  In 2020 he built a passage grave in his own garden. Occasionally he gives a lecture. His Youtube channel now contains dozens of films of dolmens in Europe.

Of the 18 volumes, only volume 1 has now been translated into English. When ordering a minimum of 200 books, it is possible to supply other volumes in English as well.

Mythical Stones works closely with the Hunebedcentrum in Borger.

(Photo: Davado, home photographer Hunebedcentrum)