Megaliths - The Origin of Megalithic Cultures


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Embark on an enchanting journey through time and unravel the mystery of the megalith builders. It is the story of Europe, which began 10,000 years ago, but also the story of humanity.

After 21 guidebooks on monumental structures from the Late Stone Age, the Mythical Stones series, it was time for a comprehensive work. This epic tale begins with early farmers who migrated from the Middle East through Anatolia to Europe, in search of fertile land for their descendants. From a small group of settlers, they grew into thriving societies of farmers and seafarers, with a rich and diverse culture. From 4500 BCE, megalithism spread across the continent.

‘Megaliths’ transcends borders and explores hundreds of megalithic monuments, establishing connections among dozens of cultures spanning thousands of years in the Neolithic. Through an evolutionary anthropological perspective, it provides surprising insights into the age-old questions surrounding the significance of dolmens, menhirs, and stone circles. These answers also shed light on contemporary issues.

With over 1500 captivating photos, the story comes to life, making it accessible and engaging. Concise summaries help readers grasp the overarching themes. ‘Megaliths’ is an indispensable resource for anyone curious about the deep-rooted mysteries of our ancient past and our shared human experience.

Dr. Hendrik Gommer (1962) is a biologist, scientist of religion, and legal scholar by profession. Since 2007, he has conducted scientific research on the evolutionary biological foundations of human cultural and moral development. Alongside his wife, Elsa Visser, he has been traveling since 2015, exploring the thousands of megalithic monuments across Europe in search of their meaning. The culmination of their efforts is the 21-volume guidebook series titled Mythical Stones.

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